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ExpoBadge T180T, double sided Badges, non self-adhesive, matte tear resistant paper, large (500 units)

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ExpoBadge T180T, double sided Badges, non self-adhesive, Z-folded, matte tear resistant paper, inkjet coated, badge size 96,5 x 134 mm, suitable for Epson inkjet label printers. With three slits for suspender badge clip or lanyard. Packed per 500 badges.

- 180 gram special inkjet coated tear resistant paper, with blackmark on the backside
- Blank
- Size badge: 96,5 x 134 mm (media setting 96,5 x 269,9 mm)
- Equipped with 3 slits for badgeclip or lanyard
- Per 500 badges in 1 box

ExpoBadge type T180T is a paper tear resistant badge with a size of 96,5 x 134 mm, comparable with the ExpoBadge 260-series. This badge version is made of 100% paper and is not provided with glue or carrier. Because of this there is less till no waiste. This Badge is provided with 3 slots for usage with lanyards with either a single or double hook or a suspender clip.

The ExpoBadge products and materials are all developed for the Epson ColorWorks printers like the Epson TM-C3500 and CW-4000-MK. The combination with ExpoBadge materials and the Epson TM-C3500 or CW-4000-MK guarantees an best result and quality. ExpoBadge can be used in some other inkjet label printers that are able to work with fan folded media but the printout quality cannot be guaranteed.

Sustainable: All ExpoBadge materials are 100% recyclable as old-paper. The ExpoBadge T180T also reduces waiste.

The ExpoBadge T180T is produced out of special developed extra thick paper. The lack of a carrier results in less waiste. The downside of not using a carrier is that the badges can not be printed from edge to edge. With this special paper, there is a heavier load on the cutting blade in the printer and a risk of jamming of the cutting blade.

The combination of the special paper and inkjet coating result in a easy to fold badge with a good look an feel while the inkjet coating makes sure the inks are instantly dry, won’t smudge and deliver vibrant colors.