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Parthen & COVID-19

Who would have thought that our modern society would be so disrupted by a virus? But it is the way it is and we have to deal with it together. The situation demands a lot from all of us, such as remaining calm, to be flexible and creative with the challenges that have come our way because of the virus, all without losing sight of ourselves or each other.

That is a tall order, but at Parthen we are ready to do everything we can to keep our service level unprecedented. We work from home as much as possible and if that is not possible we do it at an appropriate distance from each other. Logically we will not pay any visit to our valued business partners in the coming period. In addition we follow all official guidelines of the Dutch RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, and we will continue to monitor the situation closely.

We understand that all planned conferences, symposia, trade shows, events, meetings, networking gatherings and everything in between have been postponed or even cancelled. But Parthen likes to look ahead and foresee that when everything is up and running again, all suppliers will have a production overload. That is why we would like to point out to you the possibility of ordering your required meeting essentials with a neutral printing now (without data or location). You can use it then whenever and wherever you want and if you do not have space to store it we would like to discuss alternative possibilities with you.

We realize that our clients are facing challenges especially in this period. Like always as Parthen we will take the extra step for our clients to help them wherever possible with those challenges. We will keep you posted about further developments in case the situation requires this.